Clare Crawley Makes Bachelor Nation History With Unprecedented Season Of “The Bachelorette”

Clare Crawley gives her final rose after two weeks The current season of “The Bachelorette” is making TV and Bachelor Nation history as being the first unprecedented pandemic production...

Clare Crawley gives her final rose after two weeks

The current season of “The Bachelorette” is making TV and Bachelor Nation history as being the first unprecedented pandemic production of the long-running reality dating show. Though the production format of the show might have transformed outside the Bachelor mansion, Clare Crawley would ultimately transform “The Bachelorette” show we’ve come to know and love.

If you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to go farther and risk the possibility of spoiler alerts. Chris Harrison himself declares that Crawley has “blown up ‘The Bachelor'” and creates a whole new experience for Bachelor Nation.

Clare Crawley is known for her prior appearances on “The Bachelor” looking for love but couldn’t seem to find until she got her chance to be “The Bachelorette.” Little did Bachelor Nation know that she would be finding love a lot quicker than anticipated.

Instead of taking the whole season to find love it only took Crawley four episodes to find it was no surprise that she was falling head-over-heels in love with her main interest, Dale. As the episodes progress, Crawley shows the most interest in Dale and wants to spend more time with him and less time with the other bachelors.

Episode 4 is the tipping point of the season in which Chris Harrison discusses with Crawley why she doesn’t want to spend any time with the other bachelors leading to the ultimate decision that Crawley wanted to commit to only pursuing Dale. This decision changed the course of history for “The Bachelorette” and had the other bachelors waiting to see what would happen next.

Instead of going on a group date that was supposed to be arranged for the episode, Crawley decided to have a one-on-one date with Dale. The couple both admit they’re falling in love with each other and received a special performance by the winners of the “The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart,” Bri Stauss and Chris Watson.

The following day, Crawley confronts that rest of the bachelors to explain that she will no longer be continuing on this journey as she will be solely pursuing Dale. Most of the bachelors didn’t take the news well including Kenny who demanded Crawley apologize for faking her chemistry with the other bachelors claiming that she knew from the first night she was already in love with Dale.

Though the bachelor wasn’t happy to be spending more time with Crawley, they wished her the best including contestants Jay Smith and Ivan Hall. The whole episode is unprecedented in Bachelor Nation history and the remaining bachelors wait to see what happens next as production scrambles on a solution to this unprecedented change in the show.

After the remaining bachelors make their departure, Chris Harrison is working his magic on creating an engagement ceremony with only 24 hours. By the end of the night, there was one happy engaged couple in the middle of the Palm Springs Desert.

When the news of Crawley’s departure from the show was revealed during production, no one expected such a sudden and happy ending that is a first in Bachelor Nation history. Crawley might have gotten her happy ending but Bachelor Nation was left wondering what would happen to the remaining bachelors.

The following morning after the engagement, the remaining bachelors pack their bags and prepare to leave assuming their Bachelor journey is over. Chris Harrison delivers the news of Crawley accepting Dale’s proposal and that they left together with most of the bachelors physically baffled by the news.

You can see on the bachelors’ faces that they thought their journey in finding love has come to an end but they were even more baffled when Harrison revealed that their journey isn’t over. Harrison reveals that the bachelors could have until the evening to consider whether they want to continue on their journey to find love or to go home.

While the men wonder whether they can look past their relationship with Crawley, little do they know they will have a chance to find love with the new bachelorette Tayshia Adams. No one knows what will happen next and you’ll have to see the next episode to start Tayshia’s journey to find love.