Spanish Government Provides Additional Documentation in Investigation of Charges Against Luis Rubiales

Spanish Football Chief Faces Scrutiny Over World Cup Incident

Credit: Unsplash

Spanish Football Chief Faces Scrutiny Over World Cup Incident

The Spanish government announced on Tuesday that it has submitted additional documentation to the Administrative Tribunal for Sport (TAD) in connection with the investigation into charges against Luis Rubiales, the head of Spain’s RFEF football federation. The investigation revolves around Rubiales’ conduct during the Women’s World Cup final held in Sydney on 20 August.

Two complaints filed by the National Sports Council (CSD), a department under the ministry of sports, prompted the TAD to initiate an examination of Rubiales’ behavior. The complaints stemmed from Rubiales’ actions during the medal-giving ceremony at the Women’s World Cup final, where he forcibly kissed Spain midfielder Jenni Hermoso on the lips.

In response to the accusations, Rubiales has defended the kiss as “just a peck” that was consensual. Despite Hermoso’s statements describing the kiss as unwanted and leaving her feeling vulnerable, Rubiales has resisted calls for his resignation.

The government’s complaints refer to “abuses of authority” and “notorious and public acts that undermine the dignity and decorum of sport.” If the TAD accepts the complaints and initiates proceedings, the National Sports Council will have the authority to suspend Rubiales within 48 hours pending the court’s final decision.

While Rubiales has already been suspended for 90 days by FIFA as it deliberates on disciplinary actions, the Spanish prosecutors have also launched a preliminary investigation into the incident, considering the possibility that it could be classified as “sexual assault” under Spanish law.

Sports Minister Miquel Iceta addressed concerns about the pace of the proceedings, asserting that the government has adhered to legal protocols to ensure a thorough and fair investigation.

The TAD’s decision on admitting the complaints and the subsequent proceedings remain pending. The Spanish government remains committed to upholding the principles of justice, integrity, and respect within the realm of sports.