Saudi Foreign Minister Stresses Two-State Solution for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Saudi Arabia Advocates Independent Palestinian State as Key to Peace
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Saudi Arabia Advocates Independent Palestinian State as Key to Peace

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan, reiterated Saudi Arabia’s commitment to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Speaking during the “Peace Day Effort” event at the United Nations General Assembly, Farhan emphasized the critical importance of the two-state solution as the path to peace.

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Farhan acknowledged growing concerns that people were losing hope in the two-state solution and stressed that it must regain prominence in resolving the conflict. His remarks were part of a significant initiative driven by the European Union, Saudi Arabia, the Arab League, Egypt, and Jordan, aimed at revitalizing the long-dormant Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The initiative, known as the “Peace Supporting Package,” seeks to maximize benefits for Israelis and Palestinians once a peace agreement is reached. Saudi Arabia and its partners believe that this initiative will help “restore hope” among Palestinians that a just peace is attainable. The event was organized in close coordination with the Palestinian leadership.

Notably, neither Israeli nor Palestinian officials were invited to the event. Instead, the organizers, including the European Union, are engaging with both parties to gather input and preferences for the proposed package.

These developments come in the wake of a recent report that claimed Saudi Arabia had put its efforts to normalize relations with Israel on hold due to concerns about Israel’s willingness to make concessions to the Palestinians. However, both Israel and the U.S. denied the report.