Hunter Biden’s “Sugar Brother” Lawyer Spotted in Controversial Bong Incident During Visit

Caught on Camera: Hunter Biden's "Sugar Brother" Lawyer in Bong Scandal

Credit: Unsplash

Caught on Camera: Hunter Biden’s “Sugar Brother” Lawyer in Bong Scandal

In a recent incident, Kevin Morris, a prominent Hollywood-based lawyer known as Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” was photographed smoking from a bong outside his Los Angeles residence while the first son paid him a visit. The pictures obtained by The Post depict Morris shamelessly inhaling from the glass water pipe on the balcony of his upscale Pacific Palisades home, clearly visible from the public street below.

It remains uncertain what substance the bong contained, but it’s worth noting that the recreational use of marijuana has been legal in California since 2018, allowing its consumption on privately-owned properties. However, given Hunter Biden’s history of drug addiction, this sight raises questions and concerns.

Kevin Morris, a major supporter of the Democratic Party, has assumed the role of being Hunter’s fixer, and there are reports alleging that he loaned the President’s son $2 million last year to aid in settling his outstanding federal taxes. The lawyer’s client list boasts notable names like actor Matthew McConaughey and the creators of “South Park,” Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Moreover, he has reportedly provided Hunter with access to his luxury private jet for travel purposes.

Coinciding with Morris’s bong incident, Hunter Biden was seen arriving at the lawyer’s residence, where a blonde-haired woman greeted him. Photographs from Hunter’s infamous abandoned laptop have captured numerous controversial moments, including instances of him engaging in drug use with prostitutes and even “cooking up” crack cocaine for personal consumption.

Adding to the unfolding drama, on the same day, a bombshell FBI informant file detailing a $10 million bribery allegation against Hunter and his father was released by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). These recent developments further cast a spotlight on the controversies surrounding the President’s son.

Last month, Hunter Biden reached a plea agreement on two misdemeanor federal tax crimes, which is expected to spare him from serving jail time.

The sight of Kevin Morris, the so-called “sugar brother” lawyer, smoking from a bong during Hunter Biden’s visit raises eyebrows, given Hunter’s history of drug addiction and recent legal issues. As the spotlight continues to remain on the first son’s controversies, it remains to be seen how these events will unfold and impact the broader political landscape.