Arizona Election Review Confirms Biden Win

The GOP-sponsored hand recount has confirmed the original results.

The GOP-sponsored hand recount has confirmed the original results.

Following the 2020 Presidential election, former-President Donald Trump and multiple GOP-affiliated senators have repeatedly insisted that the vote was somehow rigged in Biden’s favor. One of the targets of these insistences was Arizona, where a hand recount of nearly 2.1 million has been conducted over the last several months. This audit was conducted by contractors hired by Senate President Karen Fann and Sen. Warren Petersen. These contractors came from Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm with no prior experience in election audit.

Today, that audit has drawn to a close, but rather than finding any evidence of election tampering, the recount has only confirmed what was already known: Biden won Arizona. In fact, according to the recount documents, the new tally actually increased Biden’s ballots by 99, while Trump received 261 fewer votes than originally reported.

“This partisan effort in Arizona appears to be ending the same as it begun — highly biased, incompetent individuals running the process, delay after delay after delay, and very importantly, completely un-transparent,” said David Becker, founder of the Center for Election Innovation and Research.

The auditors are scheduled to give a more detailed report on their findings later today.

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