Walmart to Pay Employee College Tuition in Full

The USA's largest private employer is sending its employees to school.

The USA’s largest private employer is sending its employees to school.

Walmart announced yesterday that it would begin paying full college tuitions for all part-time and full-time employees of its locations, provided the attendance is at once of several partner schools. This means roughly 1.5 million Walmart and Sam’s Club employees “can earn college degrees or learn trade skills without the burden of education debt,” according to the official press release.

“We are creating a path of opportunity for our associates to grow their careers at Walmart, so they can continue to build better lives for themselves and their families,” Lorraine Stomski, senior vice president of learning and leadership at Walmart, said in the statement.

“This investment is another way we can support our associates to pursue their passion and purpose while removing the barriers that too often keep adult working learners from obtaining degrees,” Stomski added.

Walmart has partnered with 10 academic institutions for this initiative, with some notable standouts including Johnson & Wales University, the University of Arizona, and the University of Denver. In addition to this, Walmart is dropping its $1 daily access fee to its Live Better U program, which offers resources and programs to those seeking degrees or training.