US Presidents Make Statements Ahead of Midterms

The current and former Presidents gave speeches ahead of this week's vote.

The current and former Presidents gave speeches ahead of this week’s vote.

This Tuesday, the United States will hold its Midterm Elections, selecting prominent governmental positions like Governors, Senators, and other lawmakers. Several of these elections are set to be particularly fierce as both sides of the political divide make their case.

Ahead of the Midterms, United States Presidents current and former have stepped up to make statements on the importance of voting. On the democratic side, current President Joe Biden stressed the importance of voting in the interest of preserving the democracy of the United States as we know it.

“This is a defining moment for the nation, and we all must speak with one voice regardless of our party,” Biden said. “There’s no place in America for political violence. No place. No place for what we saw happen to Paul Pelosi.”

“Your right to choose is on the ballot,” Biden added. “Your right to vote is on the ballot. Social Security and Medicare is on the ballot. There’s something else on the ballot: character. Character is on the ballot.”

Former President Barack Obama chimed in with his own statement, noting that “Democracy really is on the ballot.”

“Listen, Democrats may not be perfect, I am the first one to admit it … but right now, at this moment, with a few notable exceptions, most Republican politicians aren’t even pretending the rules apply to them anymore. They’re not pretending the facts apply anymore. They just make stuff up.”

On the other side of the divide, former President Donald Trump made similar statements, albeit vilifying democrats instead. “There is only one choice to end this madness, and it is indeed madness,” Trump said. “If you support the decline and fall of America, then you must vote for the radical left Democrats. If you want to stop the destruction of our country and save the American dream, then this Tuesday you must vote Republican in a giant red wave.”

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