California Buffeted by Powerful Winter Storms

Large swaths of the state are under flood warnings.

Large swaths of the state are under flood warnings.

Since last week, large swaths of California have been beset by powerful winter storms. While it’s too warm in most of the state for snow, the storms have instead fallen as powerful rainstorms. The severe downpour has led to flash floods all over the state and has directly resulted in the deaths of at least 14 individuals.

“Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds and perhaps a brief tornado may occur today across parts of southern/central California,” the Storm Prediction Center warned this morning. “Thunderstorms capable of isolated severe gusts will also be possible across parts of southeast Nevada, northwest Arizona, and southwest Utah.”

Flash floods have been occuring in the last several days in parts of Los Angeles, which is not equipped to manage that kind of water flow. Those living in the most heavily-affected areas are being advised to evacuate in the interest of their health and safety.

“We’ve already had more deaths in this flood storm since December 31 than we had in the last two fire seasons of the highest fire acreage burned in California,” California Emergency Services Director Nancy Ward said during a news conference on Sunday.

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