Mets on the Hunt for New General Manager

Sandy Alderson is looking for new staff.

Sandy Alderson is looking for new staff.

At the beginning of October, the manager for the New York Mets, Luis Rojas, got the word that his time as manager was coming to an end. With Rojas on his way out, the Mets president, Sandy Alderson, is on the hunt for new managerial staff. Unfortunately, he hasn’t received many applicants for the position of manager, so he’s put a pin in that and is looking for a general manager instead.

“We don’t really want to do this in reverse order and hire from the bottom up,” Alderson said. “There was a possibility of doing that earlier in the winter, but in order to do that you really have to have someone who is universally respected and would be recognized by virtually any executive as an outstanding choice. I don’t see that happening any time soon.”

Much like the managerial position, the GM position was vacated recently with the firing of Zack Scott, who was canned following a DWI charge. While Alderson holds no ire toward Scott, the Mets don’t have time to wait for him to sort out his legal issues.

“Just the general uncertainty around the situation that he faced and not knowing how that uncertainty would be resolved in December,” Alderson said. “I think we felt it was best for us and potentially for him as well that we made that decision.”