Grassroots Organization Asks Biden Not to Seek Reelection

The left-leaning group urged Biden to step aside for a different candidate.

The left-leaning group urged Biden to step aside for a different candidate.

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have recently hit notable lows, falling as far as 33% this past week. According to various polls, voters have not been satisfied with the job Biden has done as President, and have also cited concerns with his age and health. At the time of writing, Biden has not explicitly stated whether or not he plans to seek reelection to the position in 2024, but some groups would very much rather he didn’t.

Yesterday, representatives from RootsAction, a grassroots organization that supports left-leaning politicians such as Senator Bernie Sanders, announced that they would begin a social campaign to urge Biden not to run for reelection.

“In 2024 the United States will face the dual imperatives of preventing a Republican takeover of the White House and advancing a truly progressive agenda. The stakes could not be higher,” the organization wrote in a press release obtained by The Hill. “Bold and inspiring leadership from the Oval Office will be essential.”

“With so much at stake, making [Biden] the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in 2024 would be a tragic mistake,” the RootsAction said, adding that Biden’s policies “have failed to truly address such pressing concerns as the climate emergency, voting rights, student debt, health care, corporate price-gouging, and bloated military spending in tandem with anemic diplomacy.”

The group plans to launch its campaign in earnest in November, following the midterm elections.

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