Dave Grohl Records Metal Album for New Film

Studio 666 will feature a swath of brutal metal tracks.

Studio 666 will feature a swath of brutal metal tracks.

Next week, a new horror-comedy film starring and produced by rock group Foo Fighters will hit theaters. The film, titled Studio 666, stars the members of the band as themselves as they are threatened by mysterious forces that attempt to kill them and, perhaps worse, stop them from finishing their latest album.

According to the band’s frontman, legendary rocker Dave Grohl, the impetus for these events is a haunted tape produced by a band called Dream Widow. This is, in actuality, a song produced by Grohl himself, who assembled a side project to belt out metal tracks. While only one song is critical to the events of the movie, Grohl decided to release an entire companion album of Dream Widow tracks for the film’s release.

Grohl has apparently been working on the album in conjunction with his work on the movie, and it’s been quite a crunch. When asked whether the album would be released in time in an interview with Rolling Stone, Grohl said “I mean, I work fast, but f—, this deadline is going to kill me. Yes, I’ll get it out for the movie. By February 25th, there will be a Dream Widow record.”

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