Tokyo’s Birth Rate Hits Record Low

Fertility Decline Continues: Tokyo Sees Seventh Consecutive Year of Decreasing Births


Credit: Unsplash

According to the latest annual report from the Tokyo metropolitan government, Tokyo finds itself at the bottom of Japan’s 47 prefectures in terms of the total fertility rate, a crucial indicator of demographic health. In 2022, Tokyo’s total fertility rate dipped to 1.04, marking a 0.04-point decrease from the previous year.

The declining trend in fertility is further underscored by the seventh consecutive annual drop in the number of births in Tokyo, reaching 91,097, down 4,307 from 2021. This data contrasts starkly with the national average total fertility rate for Japan, which stood at 1.26 in 2022.

On a positive note, the report reveals a significant uptick in the number of marriages in Tokyo, rising for the first time in three years to 75,179, a notable increase of 5,366 from 2021. Impressively, this figure represents the highest number of marriages in Japan.

The Tokyo metropolitan government also reported a decrease in the number of divorces for the third consecutive year, falling to 19,255, down 350 from 2021. Noteworthy statistics include the average age of first marriage, which stands at 32.3 years for husbands and 30.7 years for wives in Tokyo, both ranking as the highest in Japan.

An official statement from the Tokyo metropolitan government’s Bureau of Public Health underscores their commitment to supporting individuals aspiring to marry and start families. “We would like to continue our efforts to support those who wish to get married and have children,” said a representative.

The challenges presented by Tokyo’s declining fertility rate highlight the need for continued efforts to address and reverse this trend, fostering an environment conducive to family life and growth.