Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal Star in Almodóvar’s Queer Cowboy Movie

A Riveting Theatrical Double Feature
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A Riveting Theatrical Double Feature

Sony Pictures Classics is gearing up for a nationwide theatrical release of Pedro Almodóvar’s short film “Strange Way of Life” on October 6, following its earlier release in New York and Los Angeles on October 4. The film will be accompanied by Almodóvar’s 2020 short film “The Human Voice,” featuring Tilda Swinton.

“Strange Way of Life” follows the reunion of two gunmen after spending many years apart. The film delves into their complex relationship and is set against the backdrop of a desert that separates them from Bitter Creek. The movie stars Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal, with a talented ensemble including Pedro Casablanc, Manu Ríos, George Steane, José Condessa, Jason Fernández, and Sara Sálamo.

Paola Calvetti’s best-selling novel inspired the documentary “Portrait of the Queen,” which VMI Releasing has acquired the distribution rights to. Directed by Fabrizio Ferri, the documentary explores the life, history, and legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II through the lens of the most revealing photographic portraits captured by extraordinary photographers. The film will premiere on digital platforms on September 5.

On another front, Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to the documentary “American: An Odyssey to 1947,” focusing on the political evolution of director Orson Welles during the 1930s and ’40s in American history. The documentary journeys through the Great Depression, World War II, and the era of the atomic bomb.

These exciting film releases promise an engaging cinematic experience, offering diverse stories, intriguing perspectives, and stellar performances from renowned actors. Movie enthusiasts can look forward to thought-provoking narratives and powerful visual storytelling in these upcoming releases.