Twitter to Charge Monthly Fee for Verification

As Twitter changes hands, policies change as well.

As Twitter changes hands, policies change as well.

As of last Friday, social platform Twitter is officially the property of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Musk has wasted no time in beginning his efforts toward shaping the platform toward his own ideal image, with reports circulating about mass layoffs, company restructuring, and platform policy changes.

One particular report that has risen some eyebrows is that, according to several anonymous Twitter insiders, the platform will begin charging for a verification checkmark. Specifically, users would need to pay $20 per month for a Twitter Blue subscription, which would include a verification checkmark going forward. Verification is meant to indicate that an account of “public interest,” such as that of a political figure or prominent influencer, genuinely belongs to them. According to Musk, the process toward verification is currently undergoing a revamping and reevaluating.

According to the Twitter insiders, Musk has set a hard deadline for the implementation of this new feature at November 7, and if it is not implemented by then, the engineers working on it will be fired. As for the users, once the feature is implemented, any already-verified accounts will have 90 days to purchase a subscription, or they will lose their verified status.

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