‘The Batman’ Turns $128.5 Million Box Office Profit

Audiences turned out for the Caped Crusader's grim reimagining.

Credit: Unsplash

Audiences turned out for the Caped Crusader’s grim reimagining.

This past weekend saw the premiere of The Batman, a new reimagining of Bruce Wayne, the caped, nighttime protector of Gotham City originally conceived by DC Comics. This version of the character is notably more dark and intense than previous Batman films, with Robert Pattinson taking the character of Bruce Wayne in a more brooding direction.

At time of writing, The Batman has earned an 85% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a 90% audience score. In spite of the film’s intensity (not to mention long length at nearly three hours), audiences happily turned out to see Batman on the big screen once again. This positive reception has translated into an impressive opening weekend; The Batman has turned a domestic box office profit of approximately $128.5 million, a good 28.5 million more than the projected opening weekend profits and an impressive notch on 2022’s film release list.

“The Batman presents a muscular vision of the Dark Knight that hardcore fans have long desired,” CNN’s Brian Lowry wrote in his review of the film, calling it a “a dark and serious epic.”

In addition to being an impressive opening in general, the success of The Batman shows that theatergoers are beginning to return to a point of comfort with going to the movies after two years of pandemic-induced confusions.

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