The 2021 NFL Draft Kicks Off Today

Day One of the NFL Draft is Officially Upon Us

Day One of the NFL Draft is Officially Upon Us

The National Football League draft begins the first of its three-day event commencing tonight at 8 p.m. ET, in Cleveland, Ohio. It is scheduled to run from April 29th through May 1st. You can catch the first-day coverage on ESPN, ABC, and of course, the NFL Network. You can’t miss it even if you try. Twitter feeds will explode. Facebook pages will blow up with fan reactions. There’s even radio coverage. That’s wall-to-wall commentary on the young sports stars who may or may not succeed in the NFL and the teams that gamble on them.

Every year there is endless speculation on the decisions teams will make leading up to the final draft results. Everyone can agree that this year is loaded with talent, and there are countless possible stars ready to leave their mark on the NFL roster. There is much up for debate concerning this year’s draft results, but currently, the Jacksonville Jaguars hold the first overall choice and are predicted to select Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The Jaguars have been eyeing Lawrence for months, and it doesn’t seem that Jacksonville will be changing its mind on this choice. If you want to follow instant updates while you’re on the go, the NFL has an official NFL Draft Twitter linked below.

Thirty-two new players will be joining the ranks. Rounds two and three of the drafts are Friday, beginning at 7 p.m. ET. The remaining rounds four through seven are set for Saturday at noon. After all of the scouting of the prospects, the meetings, the conjecture, and the mock drafts, the real thing is upon us. It’s a bit like Christmas in April. And when rookie minicamps begin? Happy New Year!

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