‘Rumbleverse’ to Shut Down after Six Months

The wrestling battle royale is ending service at the end of the month.

The wrestling battle royale is ending service at the end of the month.

Last August, Fortnite publisher Epic Games released a new battle royale game developed by Iron Galaxy called Rumbleverse. The game utilized a similar framework to Fortnite and other battle royale games, with a large number of players vying for control over a steadily shrinking arena, though the twist was that, rather than with guns, players battled with elaborate and wacky wrestling moves.

Unfortunately, for reasons that have not been publicly disclosed, it seems Rumbleverse’s final round is coming up. Iron Galaxy announced on the official Rumbleverse website that the game will be ending service at the end of this month, only six months after release.

“Iron Galaxy Studios and Epic Games are very sorry to share that Season Two will be the last for Rumbleverse. This project has been a labor of love to create a new experience in a popular and highly competitive genre for games. If you’ve been a part of that journey, we thank you – whether you jumped into the first playtest after our reveal, or just shot yourself out of the cannon for the first time.”

The game will offer doubled experience gains until it ends service so any remaining players can quickly level up and redeem rewards. Any in-game purchases made since launch will also be eligible for refunds

“It is our sincerest hope that this news does not mark the end of Rumbleverse,” Iron Galaxy said in a separate statement on their own website. “You may not yet have seen the Rumble in its final form. If we can welcome people back onto the deck of the battle barge again, we hope you’ll be there, laced up and ready to take your rightful place in the cannon.”

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