Mike Trout Hits Home Runs for Seven Consecutive Games

Trout is one homer off from an MLB record.

Trout is one homer off from an MLB record.

Last night, the Los Angeles Angels played the Cleveland Guardians. The Angels unfortunately lost the game 5-4, but it wasn’t a complete rout for them, thanks to their center fielder Mike Trout. For seven consecutive games now, Trout has managed to hit at least one home run per game. The current MLB record for most consecutive game home runs is eight, which means Trout is now within striking distance of the record.

The Angels will be playing the Guardians again tonight as part of their ongoing series, where Trout will have a chance to officially match the record. “I’m going up there ready to hit and whatever happens, happens,” Trout told reporters after yesterday’s game. “I’ll come in (Tuesday) and do the same thing because it’s working for me.”

Trout is the first player in the American League to reach the seven consecutive homer status since Kendrys Morales in 2018. The original eight-homer record was set back in 1958 by Pittsburgh’s Dale Long, an honor only matched by Don Mattingly of the Yankees in 1987 and Seattle’s Ken Griffey Jr. in 1993. If Trout can successfully hit one more homer, he’ll cement himself in baseball history alongside some of the MLB’s most decorated players.

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