Greg Abbot Widens Texas Mask and Vaccine Mandate Ban

Publicly-funded institutions cannot require masks or vaccinations in Texas.

Publicly-funded institutions cannot require masks or vaccinations in Texas.

On Thursday, Texas Governor Greg Abbot, who has remained staunchly against mandates for anti-COVID-19 safety measures like face masks and vaccination, issued an executive order expanding his existing ban. With this new order, not only have the existing bans been extended, but any institution or entity that receives its funding from public sources is outright prohibited from enacting any kind of masking or vaccination mandate.

“Today’s executive order will provide clarity and uniformity in the Lone Star State’s continued fight against COVID-19,” Abbott said in a statement. “The new Executive Order emphasizes that the path forward relies on personal responsibility rather than government mandates. Texans have mastered the safe practices that help to prevent and avoid the spread of COVID-19.”

“No governmental entity, including a county, city, school district, and public health authority, and no governmental official may require any person to wear a face covering or to mandate that another person wear a face covering,” the order reads.

According to current statistics, roughly 49% of Texas residents have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As of Wednesday, the seven day average of newly-confirmed COVID-19 cases was at 6,659, a sizable spike from the average of 3,901 the week prior.

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