Cyril Ramaphosa Tests Positive for COVID-19

The South African President is experiencing mild symptoms.

The South African President is experiencing mild symptoms.

This morning, the office of the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, announced that the President had tested positive for COVID-19. As Ramaphosa is fully vaccinated against the disease, he is only experiencing mild symptoms, and is in “good spirits” according to the office press statement.

“President Ramaphosa says his own infection serves as a caution to all people in the country to be vaccinated and remain vigilant against exposure. Vaccination remains the best protection against severe illness and hospitalization,” the statement said.

In a statement on his personal Twitter, Ramaphosa urged his people to continue taking safety precautions against the coronavirus, with the most important thing they can do being getting vaccinated.

“As I recover, my message of the week is: don’t let your guard down. Do everything you can and need to, to stay safe, beginning with vaccination,” he said. “Vaccines dramatically reduce the chances of severe illness, hospitalisation and death. Let’s all protect ourselves. Vaccination is free, easy and it works.”

COVID cases are on the rise in South Africa, exasperated by the recently-discovered Omicron variant. Only about 25% of the country’s populace is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with about 5% partially vaccinated.

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