Crystal Dynamics Draws Ire for Microtransactions in ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

The developers have been harassed for the implementation of paid XP boosters.

The developers have been harassed for the implementation of paid XP boosters.

Last week, Marvel’s Avengers, the 2020 Avengers video game published by Square Enix and developed by Crystal Dynamics, received an update with a rather worrying new feature. In the game’s cash shop, which features items that can be purchased with real-world currency, players can now purchase XP Boosters, which increases how many experience points players earn while playing the game. This goes against a promise that was made prior to the game’s release, stating that the only microtransactions it would feature would be of the cosmetic variety.

This unpopular implementation into what was already a deeply divisive game has drawn significant ire from the userbase, much of which has been directed toward the developers at Crystal Dynamics. Crystal Dynamics employees have been experiencing harassment over social media platforms for the decision, which prompted a spokesperson from the company to issue a statement on Reddit over the weekend.

“We appreciate the Marvel’s Avengers community and want to foster an open and healthy dialogue with you (for both criticism and praise),” the statement reads. “However, harassment is not tolerated. Decisions at the studio are not made by one person, they’re made by a group of studio leaders. We welcome feedback, but it’s not appropriate to target, threaten, or personally attack our community team. They are here to champion your concerns and give voice to them. Help us keep conversations civil and productive while we continue to work toward making Marvel’s Avengers an entertaining and fun experience for you.”

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