CBS Contemplating How I Met Your Mother Spin-Off

Viewers bemoaning that How I Met My Mother is coming to a close can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief. There’s now lots of rumors doing the rounds that...

Viewers bemoaning that How I Met My Mother is coming to a close can perhaps breathe a sigh of relief. There’s now lots of rumors doing the rounds that CBS is considering a How I Met Your Mother spin-off. Although it’s said that the talks are in a premature stage, there are enough indications that the sitcom’s team is in no mood to leave the Monday night slot empty.

How I Met My Mother executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, along with Up All Night’s creator and executive producer Emily Spivey, are across the table to hammer out a concrete decision and give shape to the spin-off. The trio of Bays, Thomas, and Spivey is likely to be the executive production team for the new series.

Familiar Setting

However, the spin-off of hit CBS series How I Met My Mother will not have any of the original characters, although the story line will be the same. This means the new show will also feature a group of friends, but Ted (Josh Radnor) will not be there running after women. Instead, it will concentrate on a woman going in search of the perfect father of her children. So, the spin-off will also not feature Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), Robin (Cobrie Smulders) or Mashall (Jashon Segel), the popular characters in the about-to-end How I Met My Mother series. Tentatively titled How I Met My Father, the project will also be shot in New York. MacLaren’s Pub, serving as the vital link between the old and new groups, also finding a place in the new series.

Search for Female Lead

It’s widely expected that the final season of How I Met Your Mother will throw more light on the characters chosen for the new venture. As such, CBS is engaged in parleys with 20th Century Fox TV to find the perfect female lead. Although fans would love to see Cristin Milioti play the mother in the spin-off, the producers are quite set on introducing a new set of friends. So, there’s going to be a new lead female who will go hunting for her future hubby!

Having gained immense popularity as a top-rated comedy show, How I Met Your Mother is already being identified with big successes such as The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men. That’s why HIMYM’s co-producers are hopeful of striking it rich with its spin-off. Also, it appears that now it’s time for spin-offs on the small screen everywhere. For instance, studio 20th Television is involved in discussions for a spin-off of Modern Family. While CW has met with reasonable success with The Originals, an off-shoot of The Vampire Diaries, ABC set in motion Once Upon a Time’s Wonderland-set spin-off. As if that’s not enough, the cable network is also witnessing a series of spin-offs. AMC’s The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, and ABC’s Pretty Little Liars are among those in the pipeline for a spin-off right now.

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