UK Foreign Minister Says Wikileaks’ Assange Is No Hero

Assange Finally Apprehended

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is “no hero” following Assange’s arrest. Assange was apprehended and forcibly removed from the Ecuadorian embassy in London this week. Hunt noted that no one, including Assange, is “above the law.”

Assange had been hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012, when he was accused of rape in Sweden. The United States has requested for Assange to be extradited so he can face charges relate to his WikiLeaks operation.

U.S. officials say Assange published classified defense material on the Web site, which has been highly controversial since its creation in 2011.

“What is not acceptable is for someone to escape facing justice and he had tried to do that for a very long time and that is why he is no hero,” Jeremy Hunt said after Assange’s arrest. “”He has hidden from the truth for years and years and it is right that his future should be decided in the British judicial system.”

Hunt said it is only fair that Assange face legal consequences for his actions, especially since, as Hunt said, he “held hostage” the Ecuadorian embassy in an “intolerable” situation.

“This will now be decided properly, independently by the British legal system respected throughout the world for its independence and integrity and that is the right outcome,” Hunt said.

When Assange finally emerged from the Ecuadorian embassy, many people were shocked by his disheveled and aged appearance, including the long white beard he grew out after years of living as a fugitive from justice.

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