Chris Brown Involved In Another Scandal

    Lawsuit Filed Against Chris Brown And Young Lo An unidentified woman is filing a lawsuit for rape against rapper Lowell Grissom Jr. (Young Lo) and Chris Brown,...

Lawsuit Filed Against Chris Brown And Young Lo

An unidentified woman is filing a lawsuit for rape against rapper Lowell Grissom Jr. (Young Lo) and Chris Brown, along with others affiliated to the crime. Women’s rights attorney, Gloria Allred, is representing the woman under the identity of Jane Doe.

Gloria Allred said in a press conference that she is seeking damages for sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault and negligence. The crime took place on February 23, 2017 claiming that Grissom raped her multiple times while he and other defendents held her against her will in Chris Brown’s home.

The night started when Jane Doe met Young Lo at Los Angeles night club, One Oak, she and her roommate were invited to an “after party” at a music studio to meet Chris Brown. Once at the studio Jane Doe claims that the presence of alcohol and drugs made her feel uncomfortable.

Jane Doe says that her phone was then taken by Grissom at the studio, saying that she can get it back at Brown’s house. Brown’s property had a fence that can only open by code, with Brown and Grissom not giving her the code or her phone to leave.

Jane Doe was offered a clear pill capsule with a white substance inside, she refused to take it isolating herself from the party. She says that there was a heavy presence of guns that made her uncomfortable and says that she told her roommate she did not want to do drugs or engage in sex.

Grissom lured Jane Doe upstairs claiming that he would give her phone back, once in the room they closed the door before she could leave. She engaged in conversation with Grissom and Brown, in which she can tell they’re under the influence of drugs.

The graphical description of the lawsuit says another woman identified as “Doe X” came into the room with several other women who started to undress and Grissom blocked the door with a couch instructed by Brown. Doe was distancing herself from the group when Doe X grabbed Jane Doe attempting to force her to have oral sex with Grissom.

The lawsuit claims that Doe X forced Jane Doe to perform oral sex with her and Grissom performed oral sex on Jane Doe. She went to the bathroom after being violated to shower, when Grissom comes into rape her. When Doe attempted to flee Grissom caught her, then raped her again.

After this Grissom gives Doe her phone back, when she tries to call for a car to pick her up Grissom rapes her again. At one point her mother grew worried because she couldn’t reach her daughter, she tracks her daughter’s phone to Chris Brown’s house.

The police went to Brown’s house to find Jane Doe, with claims that Brown would not allow the police on his property.

Chris Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, released a statement to TMZ saying that Jane Doe’s attorney wanted $17 million for a settlement, in which he told them, “they can go pound sand.” The LAPD confirms that they responded to a call at Brown’s property and investigators interviewed multiple people at the Brown residence.

A case was opened, later turned over to the District Attorney’s office with no answers whether charges will be filed.

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