Think Your Dog Might Have Allergies? EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Is Here For You!

EasyDNA – Lexie’s Story Adopting a dog is one of the biggest joys in life. Being able to take a dog from a bad situation and giving them a...

EasyDNA – Lexie’s Story

Adopting a dog is one of the biggest joys in life. Being able to take a dog from a bad situation and giving them a second chance at life is what it’s all about. When you adopt a dog, just like a child, you are taking on the responsibility to care for them through the good, the bad and the expensive.

My fiancé and have two rescue dogs, but one I want to tell you about in particular. Her name is Lexie and we rescued her as a puppy from a kill shelter in Alabama about three years ago. We first took her in as a foster and immediately knew she belonged in our family. Within 24 hours I called the adoption counselor and made it official.

We took her to her first doctors visits and all seemed well despite her flakey skin which vet after vet just kept saying if she’s part pit bull she could be allergic to fleas and since she came from god knows where that might be the case.

Flea bath after flea bath and no fleas in site we thought we were in the clear. I was so curious of Lexie’s breed we ended up doing a DNA test at our vet and found out she was labrador retriever, pit bull, and miniature schnauzer. So maybe the pit bull flea theory was right?

Fast forward about a year, when Lexie’s immune system was fully developed we had a total outbreak of symptoms. Intense diarrhea, scratching, hot spots the whole nine yards. Immediately taking her to the vet we were told she could have allergies, IBS, and the testing began.

Allergy Testing For Dogs

The vet had put her on a couple different medications that would alleviate her symptoms, but when she was off the medication her symptoms would come flooding back. We received multiple opinions from different vets who recommended we put her on ZD hypoallergenic diet (after trying every food on the market) and see a dermatologist where she received skin testing. Our findings? She had environmental allergies.

However, that was only half the problem…her bathroom situation was fine when on the ZD diet because it was hydrolyzed protein, breaking down the protein so small she didn’t realize shows eating it. But, when she was off the food her symptoms were terrible leading me to believe she has more then just environmental allergies, but food allergies as well.

When her allergies were somewhat under control she was put on Immunotherapy and Cytopoint to help with the itching, but it wasn’t getting down to the root cause. Deep down I had a strong feeling she had a food allergy, but the vets office didn’t offer testing and most offices actually don’t.

The ZD Diet didn’t have any real food ingredients so I made an appointment with the dermatologist to come up with a solution. I told him if the protein is hydrolyzed and it’s breaking down the protein so small she doesn’t realize she’s eating it wouldn’t that mean she’s allergic to her protein? What if we try a plant based protein? He said go for it! Our next step? Confirming it through a food allergy test.

No vets offices I found were able to do a food allergy test so I did some research and came across EasyDNA! EasyDNA offers a dog allergy test for only $99 and they test for over 100 allergens! Each allergen is ranked in one of three ways. The dog tested may be: positive for the allergen tested, negative for the allergen tested, and reacting to the allergen but levels are not high enough for a positive reading.

The Power Of Allergy Testing

A dog allergy test is a powerful tool to determine what exactly is causing your dog’s allergies. EasyDNA dog allergy test will not only provide you with a list of the allergens that are making your dog unhappy or triggering their allergic reactions. The results also provide details about the foods and supplements to avoid at all costs and some important guidelines as to what household products, food, treats and supplements can be beneficial for your dog or for which he or she shows no allergic reaction to.

You will also have detailed information about the allergens your dog tested positive for and include dietary and lifestyle guidelines such as the use of corticosteroids, elimination diets, topical treatments, supplements; like probiotics and Omega-3 oils- and much more.

Collecting Samples

You can collect samples for this test using their home sample collection kit. They will send out your kit once they have processed your order and you may collect samples quickly and painlessly from your dog following the instructions in the kit. View sample collection by clicking HERE.

Lexie’s Results

We were ANXIOUSLY awaiting our results which came back surprisingly quick! When we opened our results I was so relived to know I was right. Out of 114 allergens Lexie was allergic to 8 allergens….6 being meat/fish protein! These results made me so happy as we were confidently able to switch Lexie off of the ZD Diet and onto a plant based vegan diet with no problem.

What was also thrilling to know was that Lexie, in her environmental allergy test done at the dermatologists office, was HIGHLY allergic to dust, dust mites, cockroaches, and pollen. She was also tested for those same allergens in her EasyDNA test and she showed no reaction which is amazing! Here’s why…you are not recommended to have your dog on any antihistomines while taking this test as it will suppress the allergens and not give an accurate reading. However, Lexie is on Immunotherapy which basically means she is being given the allergens in small dosages to build up her immunity. When we test her again later at the dermatologist she should not show signs of irritation and this test confirmed that for us…her immunotherapy is working since she didn’t react when tested!

I was so excited about the results we shared them with our dermatologist and he was just as pleasantly surprised that we were confidently moving in the right direction. Lexie is finally happy, healthy, and I can finally be at ease. I HIGHLY recommend EasyDNA allergy test for ANYONE questioning if their dog has allergies. It’s worth EVERY penny!

The price of the Dog Allergy test is $99. You can benefit from a $14 discount if you decide to order a DNA My Dog Breed test (priced at $65) with your Dog Allergy test. Should you also be interested in ordering an extra Dog Allergy test for your other pooch or maybe for a relative or a friend you can get the second or third test at $79 ($10 discount). Make use of their discounted prices to understand even better your beloved pet!

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