The New Brandless Beauty Line Offering Products For Only $3

Better Stuff, Fewer Dollars On Brandless There is a new beauty trend that’s offering products with quality and value. As soon as I heard about it I had to...

Better Stuff, Fewer Dollars On Brandless

There is a new beauty trend that’s offering products with quality and value. As soon as I heard about it I had to try it out and wanted to share with you all my honest experience!

As you may know, many beauty companies offer products with high prices and hidden artificial ingredients. It can be extremely difficult to find honest brands until I found Brandless! They are looking to shake up the beauty industry because not only are they transparent about their ingredients, but every product on their site is an affordable price of $3! Yes, you read that right….every product is $3!! Brandless offers products straight from the source of production offering a cut in cost making it possible to offer such a low price.

Brandless offers some of the best beauty products with value in size and ingredients. Their ingredients cater to specific beauty goals while offering a gluten free product with no added dyes. Brandless beauty products also cater to people with sensitive skin and allergies to fragrances. Here are some of my favorite beauty products that I tried:

Face Products:
Facial cleansers has to be one of my favorite beauty products and they are an extremely important key component in my daily beauty routine. That’s why the Grapefruit Facial Cleanser is on the top of my favorites list as it features antioxidizing fruit extract, not to mention the great fresh and fruity fragrance! The cleanser left my face feeling fresh and cool, also helping to calm my skin irritation and blemishes. Following the facial cleanser, I used the green apple scented facial toner.

The Green Apple Facial Toner makes for a great fragrance combination with the grapefruit scent of the cleanser. The active ingredient in the toner is witch hazel, that acts as a natural astringent. The toner also helps to reduce oily skin throughout the day, for a fresh skin feel.

The Grapefruit Facial Scrub is great for the end of the day, especially with helping to remove excess make-up. The scrub gently buffs the skin locking-in moisture and preventing dry skin.

A new product by Brandless is their Slant Tweezers that are great for taming brows with precision. Not only do these tweezers offer precision but is made with stainless steel, preventing rust!

Body Products:

These body products offer a variety of amazing fragrances with gentle ingredients for people with sensitive skin like me. As someone with sensitive skin and allergies, it is hard to come by beauty products with no artificial ingredients or fragrances.

The Citrus Bergamot Hand Cream is my favorite work-day staple that I use after washing my hands, offering a fresh subtle scent of neutral shea butter and sweet bergamot orange. In dry weather this hand cream helps to restore the elasticity of my skin for a nice moisturizer.

The Lemon Verbena Body Sugar Scrub works wonders for dry skin such as the hands and feet, while scrubbing away dead skin. The scrub also is great for exfoliating and moisturizing the skin before shaving.

The Green Tea & Aloe Shave Gel is the best for shaving with sensitive skin, I know because I’ve tried so many to only cause irritation. The shave gel consists of soothing aloe and seaweed, also helping for a smoother shave.

The Coconut Water Body Butter is great after shaving your legs with a light fragrance and sensitive ingredients including moisturizing shea butter. The body butter is also a great night cream to use before bed for the hands and feet!

The Packaging:

All the packaging including the shipping material and product packaging is recyclable! Brandless wants to use recyclable materials to promote customers to recycle more, including items that people would consider recycling such as facial wash and lotion bottles.

Final Verdict:

The variety of over 300 items offered by Brandless, along with the quality of their products are reasons alone to choose Brandless. They also guarantee their prices, so customers won’t have to worry about prices rising and can rely on the quality Brandless promises! So if you are looking to try a new beauty line, frustrated with high over priced beauty products and hidden irritating ingredients we highly recommend you check out Brandless. I made the switch and will never look back!

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