ALittleHelp: Bringing Communities Together For Good When Tragedy Strikes

Getting By With A Little Help From Friends We all like to believe that our loved ones will be with us forever. Nobody likes to plan for someone who...

Getting By With A Little Help From Friends

We all like to believe that our loved ones will be with us forever. Nobody likes to plan for someone who is so close to them to pass away, especially when they are so young. The unfortunate reality is that tragedies happen to good people every day. I realized this when tragedy hit close to home not too long ago. I had a good friend whose father suddenly passed away due to health reasons that he was unaware of, leaving behind a stay at home mom and her two children. One of his children is in college, and the other is just finishing up high school. Their father had just reached 50, and the thought of him dying was unfathomable, he seemed to be happy, active, and in perfect health.

When tragic and unexpected life events like this happen we like to think we’re prepared and ready to handle anything life throws our way. But the truth is that when a loss occurs, and unexpected financial struggles arise, a little help from the community can make a huge difference, and it certainly would have for my friend’s family. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for the death of their beloved father and husband, like so many others who experience these tragic situations, the surviving members of his family found out too late that an adequate financial plan wasn’t in place. Although their close family and friends did step up to help, it would have been a lot easier to have had a whole community behind them to not only help them financially but to help remember their loved one’s life.

That’s why I want to share with you a community that is trying to help relieve some of the burdens that come along with a loved one’s passing; it’s called ALittleHelp. Legal & General America launched to help families through the financial struggles that often arise after the loss of a loved one, and give supporters a trusted and relevant path to lend a hand. Most importantly, they launched ALittleHelp with a tremendous promise: they will never keep any portion of contributions, as many other crowdfunding sites do. It’s their way of ensuring that the dollars raised go as far as possible to support those left behind in the wake of tragedy.


Why use ALittleHelp?

• Setting up a fund is easy and only takes a few minutes
• Monetary support goes farther because ALittleHelp doesn’t keep any portion of contributions – unlike other sites can take up to 9% of your donation
• The only costs is the standard Paypal transaction fee (2.9%) and per donation fee ($0.30)
• ALittleHelp is solely memorial fund focused
• Sponsored by Legal & General America, a life insurance company with more than 65 years of experience

How can ALittleHelp provide support?
• Funeral and memorial service expenses
• Medical bills
• Mortgage or rent
• School/college tuition
• Car payments
• Child care

So if you, or someone you know, could benefit from a community like this one all they have to do is go to Start a fund for a friend or family member who is struggling financially after the loss of a loved one, share the campaign, and begin raising much-needed funds.

And, if you’re reading this wondering if your future is secure, we have something for you. Of course, memorial funds like these help to bridge the short-term financial crises gap, but they don’t go nearly as far as a plan that includes life insurance. You can explore all your options for life insurance which are available from ALittleHelp’s sponsor, Legal & General America.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of A Little Help. The opinions and text are all mine.

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